Engineered Stone Benchtops

Here at Wellington Kitchen Bathroom Company (WKBC) we are passionate about engineered stone benchtops. We know an engineered stone benchtops is the crowning glory of every kitchen and we get it right using the experience and expertise on which we pride ourselves - and we love passing this on to our customers.

Your engineered stone benchtop will be made to our highest possible standard utilising our digital template service which will ensure the perfect fit with precise measurements. We are specialists in quality stone benchtops; we do not offer laminate benchtops.

engineered stone benchtop

A new benchtop will change the look of your kitchen and we want to be part of this process. It is our pleasure to be involved and assist you in making every  correct choice so you can enjoy the stunning new look for years to come.

For this reason, our preferred option is to come to you so that together we can discuss the styles and colours available for your kitchen's permanent face-lift. We want it to rejuvenate, dazzle, and welcome you home when you walk through the door!  

No need to send us a sketch or to do your own guesswork about available options, we don't want to stress you with delving into the unknown. Simply contact us and we will be in touch as soon as possible.  

We are specialists in engineered stone benchtops and believe our service is SUPERIOR, our product is of the HIGHEST QUALITY and our prices won't be matched.


There is so much to LOVE about engineered stone benchtops!

  • They are impressive to look at! Often a new benchtop is all that is needed to transform that drab old kitchen into a modern-day delight. 
  • We offer a beautiful selection of colours and styles.
  • Easy to maintain unlike their natural stone counterparts such as marble or granite which are well known for requiring additional maintenance and care. 
  • Engineered stone is incredibly strong. It out performs even the toughest stone granite. 
  • They are hygienic.
  • They are heat and stain resistant.
  • They are almost completely non-porous.
  • They are usually cheaper than natural stone alternatives with the added benefit that they require no ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Selection on thickness. Most commonly available in 20 mm- 30mm thickness but can be made to any thickness of your choice.   

Your Warranty:

We provide a warranty to protect against any manufacturing defects, provided your benchtop has been installed, maintained and used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If your benchtop is installed by one of our team then your warranty will also cover the installation workmanship. The warranty will not cover reasonable wear and tear, negligence or misuse, or damage caused by liquids being left on joint areas. The warranty is validated from the time your benchtop is dispatched or installed.



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